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The Genesis Network Heat Tracing Control and Monitoring System


Thermon introduces the Genesis Network for Control and Monitoring - The Next-generation and Heat Trace Management

The Genesis Network provides industry-leading technology to connect and optimize your heat trace system, increasing process uptime, providing full operational awareness, while reducing lifecycle maintenance and cost.

Utilizing an adaptive and self-healing wireless mesh network, the Genesis Network delivers real-time visibility and Smart Data Analytics. This industry-leading technology features browser-based user interfaces accessed from the control room, the field, or remote locations - the Genesis Network from the industry-defining company you trust Thermon a degree above.

The Genesis Network delivers full operational awareness and supervisory control over heat trace systems, with a low total installed cost and maximum flexibility. Genesis Network connects all heat trace controllers via wireless mesh communications to the control room. All alarm and performance history data is saved and archived while at the same time displayed to operators, maintenance teams, and management via a user-friendly browser-based interface accessible from any PC or tablet.

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